its the LAST WEEK | WEEK 10(britt)

Tuesday: Today is Tuesday and our last week at VRAC 🙁 I will miss all the good times I had while here in Iowa but, we still have work to do. Yesterday, I officially finished the menu which didn’t take too long. Today my main focus is the raycaster and THIS is where the real issues arise. You would think it would be relatively simple to make a laser appear in the game display that can be used to click buttons (and in hindsight it probably is). However, for a person who knows no C# and is using Unity for the first time, getting my laser to work has been a hard task.


After talking to my grad student mentor, I learned that my logic for the way the raycaster in the menu should work is correct. So now, I just need to learn how to code all of the functions I am trying to perform in C# for Unity. I like the Unity docs(kinda) but they lack in variety of examples for the code they provide. It would help me SO MUCH to see examples when trying to figure out where certain parts of the code should be placed and whatnot. But hey- I’m learning a little C# so that’s cool…. yes, it is a major pain but… I’m getting it done.


xx britt


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