Last Weeks Presentation and More Web Development

Last week we had a video presentation with other REU students from University of Southern California. It was a great change to see what other people were doing with immersive technology and to see how people responded to our project. It was a great sign when people seemed to have genuine curiosity about what we were doing. There were a decent amount of questions asking about the augmented reality that we plan to use over the web. Overall it is a good sign for our project. We believe that AR can increase curiosity and through this presentation, we got a sense that those in college are interested.

On the other side of things deep in the cave of web development, we have made some great strides. With everyone working so hard things are finally coming together. When it comes to the foundation of the website we nearly have everything stood up. The biggest hurdles that I got over this past week was figuring out how to route everything within our website and getting the general format of the site ready. since we are creating a web application we cannot just use a bunch of hyperlinks. This is good because it follows modern design practices where you don’t have to reload the entire page every time but can instead just switch out components for the new parts that you need. Right now I’m working on getting the matrix operations of the application working. It is nearly done and coming together pretty well. The other largest hurdle that we are working on right now is getting Redux to work with React so that we have a consistent state management system for the user when they switch to different parts of our web application. Back to coding.

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