Learning Despite Level

Today was our intro to C++, a language that I’m very familiar with thanks to my school’s computer science department’s strong view that it is the language students should learn in. Despite going over intro level concepts I was still able to learn a lot that I hadn’t before. I was able to dive deeper into the concepts of the built in std::cin functionality. I analyzed these concepts from a different point of view. Instead of just wondering why something was working, thanks to what I’ve learned, I was able to explore the deeper workings of how the buffer behind the std::cin object works.

This experience gave me some new insight into how to approach situations that may at first seem redundant. Even though it was all concepts that I have seen before I was able to look at it with a fresh perspective that brought out even more questions. It just shows how knowledge builds off of itself and that even old concepts can bring about new questions that were unseen before. I’m starting to realize how circular knowledge is and that by re-looking at something I may be able to discover a whole lot more instead of passing it off as something that I’ve already done.

Being able to bond, explore, help, and discover with my cohort makes me realize just how great everyone here is. They are a passionate and kind group of people and I already know that I will be missing them all when this is over and we aren’t even a week in.

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