Lightning Shows and Biking Made Simple with Hierarchical Cluster Analysis


First off, I just thought I would contribute this highly relevant information to the great pancake debate.







Furthermore, since we just went over hierarchical cluster analysis in class, this is now how my brain functions. It may take a while to wear off.

  1. Tuesday night: Go to bed
    1. Finish IRB draft with team
    2. Go to bed at midnight
    3. Set alarm for 6am
  2. Get up
    1. Wake up at 4am to a thunderstorm! My room lit up with the lightning and the window was rattling. I posted a video on Facebook and a friend told me how a window shattered in front of her in Iowa during a hail storm when she was 5 years old. Yikes.
    2. Wake up to alarm
      1. Turn off alarm
      2. Wake up 5 minutes later
      3. Eat strawberries and cream
      4. Decide there’s enough time for a ride
  3. Go for a bike ride
    1. Ride 9 miles (clear and breezy!)
      1. Accidentally find Walmart
        1. Buy a bike pump that actually works!
        2. Buy coffee, YIPPEEEE!
  4. Go to work
    1. Watch another lightning show while riding to work.
    2. Enter Howe Hall just as the downpour picks up! So dark outside.
  5. Eat breakfast
    1. Happiness is having a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese left over from Caribou the previous day.
      1. Read my mom’s blog: The Happy Libertarian (some of you have wondered why I am the way I am… This might have something to do with it.)

And even more to look forward to, gym night with Emma! Hooray! …Unless I get stuck in a meeting finishing this IRB.

And last but not least, more fun photos from a shoot with Paul!



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