Lit Review and Group Meeting | Day 20(britt)


Day 20

So fun being at a school where everyone bikes!!

Today was our free day, so I spent most of it doing lit review. We had a meeting with Eliot and our grad student mentors later that day so the group was just trying to make sure we were prepared for any questions they threw at us. In our group, Watch, our mentors/leader always try to throw many questions, comments, and concerns at us and really test our knowledge and limits. This is unlike any other mentoring group I’ve been in before, but I must say, It is very helpful. All the questions and criticism are meant to reflect what we’d come across in the real world so that once were out doing research on our own we won’t make as many mistakes(hopefully). This kind of challenging learning, I think, is the best way for me to learn! So, I am enjoying the obstacles and I am learning more and more about VR/AR every day!!

I’ve gotten a system for lit review that I like so far. I read an article in Mendeley desktop (so that I can add notes) and short notes for every idea/topic. That way if I read the article and forget the specifics on what it was about (which does tend to happen) I can look over my notes for a refresher. This tends to make my notes a little lengthy, but I think that is better than missing information. After I did a few lit reviews on AR/VR, I came to the realization that I should probably be reading about user interfaces and the process of training since there’s potential that we could be creating a training interface.

It was about 2 hours before our meeting when Eliot asked us if we had a timeline. “Yeah” Emma and I responded without thinking much of it. Sure, we had a timeline; We hadn’t really paid much attention to it though.. It was more of a guideline. “OK, then have it ready to present at the meeting”


There was no way we were using the timeline we made at the beginning of the program(it wasn’t even updated) so, we decided to make a new one. Emma suggested making a powerpoint, and the group agreed, so she started putting in information. After the general powerpoint was made we edited it a little added in a graph and we were done.


When we got to the meeting, the first thing on the agenda was to present the timeline. Eliot sat in silence as Emma read the details of the powerpoint, then once she was done we got the verdict. The timeline was unrealistic when it came to the development stage (It stated it would only take us 2 weeks to develop when the group estimated at least 4 weeks) and It was lacking in regards to grammar and punctuation consistency. Eliot described to us all the possible issues we could have had if we presented that powerpoint to the audience and the problems were very eye opening. Needless to say, we learned a lot in this meeting! I think it went well!

After the meeting, I went back to reading articles and taking notes. Then, around four, I realized that I hadn’t really done any blogging for this week. So I started writing this post; Then, the clock struck five and it was time to go.

I went to the gym, as part of the workout at least five times a week habit I am trying to create. After the gym, I went outside and found a nice grassy area to edit some videos I am working on. I did that for a couple hours and got to see the sunset (hence the picture at the beginning of this post). Then, I did a little research on high-performance computing because the conference I am applying to is for HPC(and I’m pretty sure we will be using it if we choose virtual reality for our project).


Eventually, It was 10. So I tried to get myself to fall asleep by 11 but of course, I didn’t sleep till 12. Oh well, better luck next time? 😛


xx britt

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