Log Date 6 12 17 14 – Build

My monitor is stuck on its lowest height…

…and Sushi fixed it.


  • Ropes Course
    • I had a lot of fun with this! We went to Williamsburg, IA to do a team building ropes course for the whole REU team last Saturday. Over the course of the day, we completed different activities that progressively got more difficult combination in climbing a huge tower(we had people who belayed for the climber).
  • Food Shopping!
    • I finally broke down and went food shopping at Aldi’s. I started out now wanting to buy much but slowly got the point where I bought the ingredients for spaghetti. Along with that I finally got myself some skim milk! You don’t know how much I love me some skim milk. 


  • Bike Repair
    • I slept in on Sunday, however, when I woke up Sofia had messaged me asking if I was going to do more bike repair at the shop. I figured why not and ended up spending a couple hours there working on a bike. I find it rather fun tinkering with the bikes until I can get them just right(or even close enough).
  • Homemade Spaghetti
    • Sunday night I decided it was time to make the Spaghetti. I wasn’t quite sure how much to make so naturally I made wayyyyyy too much. Even splitting it in half I felt terrible that I ate it all in one sitting. However, it was super good!

(pic of Spaghetti)


  • Finally paid off my parking tickets
    • Instead of going straight to lunch I went to the Armory to pay off my parking tickets I incurred prior to putting my parking permit on. Luckily, it went quickly enough that I didn’t have to skip lunch entirely! However, in my rush to eat enough I was much looser on counting how much I was eating and definitely overate. 🙁
  • Maya!
    • Today we’re learning Maya the 3D CAD industry standard tool. Luckily for me, I had already done some work in Blender (to create models for Unity) and was able to mostly jump right in. Maya seems quite similar to Blender, just different ways of going about things. Once again excited to learn something new!


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