Log Date 6 13 17 16 – Food

I really wanted some morning coffee…


I kind of missed blogging yesterday so I’ll just highlight certain parts

  • Luncheon Lecture with Dr. Adarsh Krishnamurthy
    • We began the day with a Luncheon lecture with Dr. Adarsh Krishnamurthy. The research was really fascinating. Despite not having a background in Biology he was doing work on modeling the human heart for individuals. As of now, it takes about two weeks to create a model with the requisite data (e.g. the game of medical scans) but it seems the goal is to improve that so scientists will be able to understand why certain individual reject certain treatments. Specifically, now he is working with understanding why approximately 40% of patients implanted with a pacemaker fail to respond. The crazy thing is that he already had a pinpointed factor correlating with those parents that rejected the pacemaker! Research is such a crazy field and it kind of makes me want to be a part of it. Ya know, contribute to something bigger, that will positively affect…evereyone(?).
  • Research Meeting 
    • During the day we had our second full team meeting about CooL:SLiCE. Things are ramping up a little bit and we need to get our schedule and IRB form together soon. However, I’m still confident that we can complete everything on time.
  • Intro to HCI Course
    • We had a new course also with a new presenter. It was all about the into to HCI and its past, present, and possible future. I think I’m really enjoying the HCI program and just how interdisciplinary it is. Oh and for anyone reading this that in the program, don’t forget to be on the lookout for bad design girl!
  • Light Painting
    • After work, we took some time to experiment with light painting. It was a blast! We used our phones as light sources and Paul set his camera for a long (~20 second) exposure time. It worked brilliantly! As we got more familiar with “painting” our designs became more and more complex. Groups started interacting and soon we got stuff like this…

(pic of light painting)

  • Cont’d
    • Overall it was a lot of fun and I’d be willing to try to make some even crazier designs again sometime.
  • IRB Approval Form Draft
    • Late last night we attempted to buckle down and finish a good draft of the IRB approval form. After a couple hours of hammering away at it with some joke breaks, we finished what we could and sent it to be reviewed. 
  • Late Walmart Run w/ Kate
    • So Kate’s apartment is having some ant problems. After our group meeting about completing IRB stuff, we went to Walmart to pick up some bug spray. As all Walmart shopping trips tend to go we ended up getting a bunch more than just the spray. Mostly we just limited it to cooking utensils but I also picked up this weird looking hollow chocolate with something inside, I have yet to see what’s inside…

(chocolate pic)

  • Breakfast Puffs – Recipe Complements of Sushi
    • I made some pastries stuffed with peppers, tomatoes, onions, and ham! I’m really enjoying them. 
    • Recipe
      • Filling (You can alter depending on your tastes)
        • Red Pepper
        • Tomatoes
        • Onion
      • Pastry
        • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
        • Egg Wash
      • Instructions
        • Set oven to 400° F
        • Dice filling ingredients
        • Saute ingredients in pan [I added some salt to taste]
        • Flatten biscuits on pan [dont forget to greese]
        • brush egg wash on edges of bottom biscuit
        • place filling on bottom biscuit
        • cover with top biscuit
        • use fork to crimp edges
        • cut holes in top biscuit[get creative here 🙂 ]
        • brush whole creation with egg wash
        • place in oven, let bake for ~15 mins or until golden brown

(pic of food)


  • Biking in the Rain
    • It was rainy out this morning but I still decided it would be alright to bike to work (aka I would’ve been late if I tried to take the bus or walk). It wasn’t too bad but splashing through puddles was slightly unpleasant. I need to remember to bring my bike seat inside with me so I won’t get a wet butt next time I unwittingly sit down on it.
  • Final Maya Course
    • Today we had our final Maya course. My final thoughts on it: I’ll probably stick with Blender unless it specifically required to use Maya. From what I’ve seen, Maya is prone to crashing, difficult to find specific tools, and seems to have a much less…open and friendly(?) community. I’m going to attribute to it being used widely in industry and Blender being widely used by many b/c freeware. But this is all my own limited opinion


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