Log Date 6 16 17 18 – Home

Some research can be kinda sketchy… 😕

  • Journal Club
    • Journal Club today was interesting, for a couple reasons. Firstly, I decided not to actually print this paper off this time and instead use my computer. However my laptop had other plans, like updating for 40 mins…then running out of battery…then freezing…
    • However, actual Journal Club was interesting. I learned quite a few new terms like p-hacking(Aka data dredging), the File drawer(Publication bias), and the Cronbach’s alpha.
  • Solidworks
    • Solidworks day today! Here are some examples of what I did…
    • I’m not too sure I love Solidworks but its kinda nice to have exact measurements for the part. I’m not sure I’ll use it too much outside of this program unless I’m required to…or I decide to take up 3D printing.
  • Going Home
    • This weekend I’m headed back home. My grandma should be soon released from continuing care in Ceder Rapids and I’d be nice if I were there to help. So hopefully they can find a place for her this weekend. Additionally, it will be very nice to see my family, my girlfriend, and my pets again. 

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