Log Date 6 17 17 20 – Applesauce

I slept for 12 hours last night…

Today’s Goals

  • Work
    • Refine Timeline
    • Re-Complete IRB stuff
  • Own Time
    • Complete LaTeX document for my mentor
    • Figure out VirtualBox with Ubuntu
    • Do some modeling with Blender (similar to Maya but I prefer it)

Today Consisted of…

  • IRB redo
    • Since we missed a few points on our previous IRB submission we had to take another day to update it. However, one of the IRB members did a pre-evaluation of it and found some points that we should look at and edit. This made the process much smoother and now we only have to wait for the updates from our research mentors.
  • Luncheon Lecture w/ “Birdie” Shirtcliff
    • Today’s Lecture was a super interesting insight into the world of Epigenetics. Dr. Shirtcliff discussed how so-called “squishy” feelings can affect real biomarkers such as cortisol, a key steroid hormones that is often known as the “stress hormone”. Dr. Shirtcliff involves studying how environmental factors can lead to changes in these levels and how these levels can affect the person’s psychology in the far future (many years). 
  • Applesauce
    • A lot of it…



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