Log Date 6 16 17 19 – Weekend

Listening to rain in the car…

This weekend I went home. While at home I tried to enjoy the company of my family, girlfriend, friends, and pets. However, I didn’t succeed In my main goal of my trip, to see my grandmother get released from continuing care. Due to a series of complications and insurance being as cold-hearted as it needs to be her release was put off. I’m hoping she’ll get better soon and finally get a real chance to enjoy her retirement.

Today’s Course, Unity

  • Today we began training in using Unity! I had a little bit of prior experience with Unity due to participating in the Game Development Club here at Iowa State but I am excited nonetheless! In fact, I have plans to use Unity soon to create something both my friends and I can play and enjoy. 


  • Problem Statement Edits
    • Last week we completed a draft of our problem statement/paragraph and sent it off to be evaluated by our graduate mentor. Today we received some feedback on it and need to so some more work on it. We might have to work a bit harder but I don’t think this puts us too far behind schedule.
  • Time to chose a web framework & begin our main sprint
    • For our current timeline, we are aiming to try to get a prototype of the web framework roughed out by the end of the week. We need to detail what still needs to go into this and thus this brings me to my next point
  • Gantt Charts
    • It’s time to fully detail out the tasks we need to accomplish and so we are using Asana with Instagantt to meet our requirements. So far there have been only minor problems with the software and the UI is quite pretty so I enjoy it.

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