Log Date 6 19 17 22 – Bubbles

Am I early???


  • Simple Fix
    • A portion of the group went to Simple Fix at Hy-vee yesterday. There, we split into groups and made meals for every one of the recipe we were at. It was pretty fun and we also got eight bags of food for our apartment out of it!
(pic of simple fix)


(pic of burger)

The turkey burger we made from Simple Fix

  • Non-Alcoholic Mock Sangria
    • Decided to finally mix my mock sangria drink for people to try. Turned out as a hit! Glad everyone enjoyed it.
(pic of punch bowl)

The Mock Mix

  • We also had a little accident with the dishwasher last night…(not my doing)
(pic of bubbles)

The Foam!


  • Luncheon Lecture – Dr. Mark Mba-Wright
  • Craft of Research
  • Mentor Meeting

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