Log Date 6 2 17 4 – Flood

Hello to All, Humans or Otherwise

The past couple days have been quite an eventful time for life in the HCI REU. There are a number of things I’d like to record so in the interest of time I’ll try to organize the information and keep it short.

  • Project presentations happened (all sounded super exciting and I want to be involved in all…)
  • Groups met with their mentors/project leaders
    • We discussed expectations, some readings and possible future meeting times. 
    • This really helped me gain a better grasp on what the project actually is while also exciting me for it more.
  • I found my bike (this actually happened the first day but yay)
  • I got 2 parking tickets due to not having a parking pass yet (my fault for not arriving in the designated window on the first day)
  • Card game party in my apartment with Alfredo, Chris, Devi, Emanuel, and Masashi
  • Tour of State Gym
    • Only thought was “Wow, State Gym is so much bigger than I thought”
  • First Rock Climbing experience
    • Overall I found this very enjoyable, Austin helped to show me the basics and I completed one route. I will definitely do that more
  • First VR Experence
    • Masashi invited people over to try out his Oculus Rift 
    • I felt like the world was lacking a dimension when I too the HMD off
    • It felt wonderfully awesome seeing and controlling virtual hands
    • Also, an observation, nearsightedness carries over into VR without corrective glasses. Eventually, I figured a way to wear the HMD that I could have glasses while playing.
  • Group Bubble tea followed by shopping at Mayhem 
    • Liked the Bubble tea at first but then could only finish half of it 
    • Along with picking up the game Sushi Go I also found a gift for my girlfriend back home. I can’t wait to send it to her!

This past period quite a lot of information and activities but I’m having a lot of fun! Now I just need to work on normalizing my sleep schedule. Here are some pictures from today.

(Pic of the Cohort)(Pic of Bubble Tea)
(Pic of the C6)
Tomorrow (today I suppose) I’m super excited to go on the VRAC Technology tour and hope to see inside the C6. However, I’m not so excited about needing to lift again tomorrow. Any lifting buddies out there???

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