Log Date 6 22 17 25 – Music

I wonder if anyone noticed…

(friday night)

  • Des Moines
    • Friday Night I found myself driving down to Des Moines early for the Arts Festival, specifically to go to a concert. I’m glad I was able to shuttle everyone who asked me for a ride! Btdubs, make sure you always check to see if the street you’re about to turn down is a one way while Kate is navigating LOL. Before the concert, we decided to get something to eat. It was a bit of a struggle without any reservations. Eventually, we managed to find a place. I can’t remember the name of it actually… Anyway, I got a Buffalo (or was it Bison?) Burger. We left just in time to get to the concert as it was starting, nice!
  • Saint Motel Concert
    • Wow did I find myself enjoying this concert! Absolutely no clue who the band was they day before either. If I see them playing again anywhere I hope to go again. However, this time I’d really like to have my girlfriend with me.


  • Back to Des Moines
    • Saturday we went back to Des Moines for more fun at the Art Festival. We took pictures, walked around, & looked at the art. It was rather chill and nice. Just wish I could’ve laid down on some concrete and listen to the bands play though…


  • Playing catch up
    • Today is being devoted to work. It seems like I started digging at my TODO list and found a mountain I was buried under. Oddly enough, I’m not too mad about having a work day. Actually, I’m finding myself to be very productive. I wonder why that is…could be…
      • 9 hours of sleep
      • No rushing to begin or go somewhere
      • Knowing my girlfriend is unavailable and wanting to show her what I accomplished at the end of the day
      • No nightmares 🙂
    • But what’s weird is…
      • I haven’t had any food yet (currently 2:14 pm)
      • People around me aren’t working
    • So I’m not sure what’s gotten into me but hopefully, it’s come to stay for a bit.

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