Log Date 6 24 17 27 – Delay

Distance is oddly…distancing

Forgot to finish and post this on Tuesday…

  • Decided to create task list and time charging
    • This made me feel quite productive that day. Would recommend
  • Luncheon Lecture with Dr. Veronica Dark
    • Very interesting lecture on psycology in HCI. It kinda brought me back to AP Psyc in high school. I want to investigate some of the things she was talking about further on m y own. I asked her a question on the use of “masks” on covering visual information during testing and why they wouldn’t they just remove the objects. She had said something along the lines of without new information coming in, it might give the brain more time to process the old studff (maybe like a residual information leak). 
  • Team Meeting
    • Time to produce! We’ve reached the point where we need to get a prototype up and running. Thus it’s time to React.
  • Movie Night
    • We ended up watching Moana in Austin’s apartment. Most of the movie I spent on my laptop trying to learn how to use the React framework. It’s not that I don’t really like the movie but after seeing it 4-5 times already…yah. 

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