Log Date 7 11 17 – Idea

Stress is really stressing…

Also, again, this was saved but not published…

  • Sunday trip to Park to collect pictures of trees
    • So our professor wanted our project to contain images from around the area and not just stock stuff so we got to take a ‘work’ trip to Ledges Park! I have a bunch of pictures I have to post still so if you want to see them please don’t let me forget to post them.
  • VRPrattle
    • So I came up with this really good idea the other day for an additional MCA. Basically, a lightweight package for unity games (both VR and screens) that allows the user to text get texts in the game. 
    • Reasons for making this
      • VR HMDs are extremely difficult and sometimes painful to put on and take off with glasses
      • In game messaging allows users to stay more immersed while communicating with other devices(specifically phone SMS)
    • My Presentation Slides
    • Github (Private for now)
  • MCA Presentations 
    • I really enjoyed how this went, however, I do wish it was a bit more organized. I would have liked to demo my VRPrattle project when everyone could see it so I could properly explain it. It was poor planning on my part to not incorporate into my presentation. 
    • The environment when viewing other projects was amazing! I felt quite inspired by everyone’s project and more motivated than ever to do more work on mine…
  • Submit Symposium and Abstract 
    • We also submitted our abstract to the Symposium today. It was a bit of work hammering out the wording and content, however, it turned out really good I think.
  • Zoom presentation coming up
    • This looming thing is a bit scary. Not sure were all too ready for this but it’s coming tomorrow…
  • Despite all of this I’m still loving this program and the atmosphere 
    • Despite being super busy with the program, school work, mentor work, and personal projects and stuff I’m really, really enjoying this program. This is especially true after things are starting to fire up on all cylinders. As things speed up I feel myself speeding up and it feels pretty good honestly.
  • SCP Foundation Homepage | Random Article
    • I just think everyone should check out this site. Its kind of a fictional universe where the organization is like men in black but much more evil. All writing is done in a certain technical style that makes it all the more creepy and gives the horrers a weird but cool twinge.


Log Date 7 11 17 – Idea — 3 Comments

  1. I thought your idea was really cool! Kind of mind-blowing, and definitely surprised they don’t currently accommodate for glasses on the Oculus. Also I feel you about the stress and the upcoming presentation.

  2. I feel like everyone’s blogs are just slowly turning into to do lists lol. It’s good and bad, how writing about our research reminds us of everything we still need to do.

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