Log Date 7 13 17 – Maintenance

Updating more than Windows

(before today)

VRPrattle now can receive texts!

  • I’m still working on this idea when I have time. I managed to allow for incoming texts to be displayed on screen! It’s really amazing just how much technology is in our grasp. This is especially true while being at the VRAC and surrounded by such talented and creative people daily! Scary to think this will be coming to a close soon…

Luncheon Lecture – Dr. Eliot Winer

  • Today we got to listen to a talk by Dr. Winer, however, I believe he prefers to be called Eliot. All of these talks are so inspiring and really make me feel like things are in reach. This summer I’m extremely glad I am able to be here.

Ethics Lecture

  • Later in the day a lot of interesting questions were raised during our Ethics lecture. It was a bit difficult to wrap my mind around all angles of these difficult issues without immediately thinking of how I wanted to reply. I have some trouble speaking about how I would really act in certain situations and not how I want to or wish I would act…

Coding Tonight!

  • React-Bootstrap is coming along slowly. Soon we should be creating some beautiful web design.

Mid-Project Oral Presentation

  • This was a bit scary at first, staring at a video camera and trying to communicate what you’ve been doing this summer in a room full of smart people. I feel like I would have felt better if they were there, in the room. However, my nerves started to calm when I got talking and I’d like to think I sounded alright and communicated my points effectively…Maybe? Anyway, It was super interesting and inspiring to hear about all their projects. I want to try to continue to network with them and hope to follow their research (maybe to publication?)


Luncheon Lecture: Dr. Jared Danielson

  • A researcher at Vet-Med who intends to make the process of student learning faster, cheaper and more effective by incorporating Germane load theory into his tools.



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  1. You’re so motivated Jameel! I love seeing the twilio project you’re working on! And I get how you feel. It was weird talking to people who weren’t physically in the room.

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