Log Date 7 21 17 – Elapsed

Where did this week go???

Journal Club

Today was my group (CooL:SLiCE’s) turn to present our submitted Journal Article. I think the discussion went well, despite Anna scathing remarks about the pie charts presented (she apparently just doesn’t like pie charts). Some good discussion happened and I gained a deeper appreciation of needing to have a good germane cognitive load when doing learning.

IRB Delay…

Yesterday, after getting back with groceries, I was struck with bad news. The IRB process was going to take longer. However, I’m still holding onto a sliver of hope that we can still conduct tests before the program is out. To numb the blow I took a car of my cohort to Dairy Queen. But even before we got back it started to pour down rain. Oh well, it was still worth it.

More Progress on the Research

Finally, after what seems like forever, things are starting to make some sense again. Web development is such a beast that just makes you sit and stare at it wondering how to get through it… Anyway, the framework is down so organization, formatting, content placement and navigation setup can start. Can’t wait until it starts feeling and looking good. 

Also, I mustn’t forget to DO THE COURSE EVALUATIONS!!!



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