Log Date 7 24 17 – Atom

Weekend CSS

This weekend was a solid bit of coding. Most of it was dedicated to giving our site a big bump on the visual side. Now it much more closely resembles the layout and color scheme Natalie mocked up. 

Technical Difficulties

This morning started out great..at first. Sadly it did not stay that way. After accomplishing a bit of work I decided to download a plugin into Atom (the text editor I use for development) that Sushi recommended. It was supposed to highlight any color values to the actual color it represents. Cool right? Not really when my computer froze up in the middle of development and decided that I don’t need to see anything on my screen anymore…

It’s been over an hour and still no success. Every time I try to open Atom my computer freezes…What did you have me install Sushi?!?!\

Horaayyy, 1.5ish hrs later and I can continue. At least I started this blog post…




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