Log Date 7 25 17 – Radio

Hickory Park is still good

Lunch Lecture

Today we had a luncheon lecture with Chase Meusel, a recent graduate of Iowa State’s Graduate School. Following Iowa State, he went to work for Microsoft with UX. He shed a lot of light on stuff that would be beneficial to us during our undergraduate careers and moving on to grad school. One of the things that most stuck out to me was the aspect of marketing your specialty skills constantly. As in consistently talking about the skills that you are best at. 


This last weekend the cohort went kayaking on the Boone River. It turned out to be a pretty great time! We all paddled/floated along for a few hours and soaked up the sun. I really want to go again sometime in the near future. I brought my mini Bluetooth speaker along with and played some music (and listened to my audiobook for a bit).


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