Log Date 7 7 17 – Night

Saved this as a draft and never posted it…

Tasks I did 

  • Prepared three articles
    • These three articles were for working on the abstract and problem statement of our paper. We discussed them in our group and began refining our drafts.
  • CSS
    • Began looking up how to format the website with React-Bootstrap. Surprisingly more easy than one might think. Bootstrap seems like just a massively large library of styles to use straignt out of the box. Can’t wait to make stuff look good with it…
  • MCA work until 9
    • I was really pushing for work on my MCA today. I got a lot done with VR Arcade Master but there is still a long way to go. Additionally, I see many problems with its UI and want to apply HCI principals to fix it.

The day before maybe???

  • Guy fell off of his motorbike in the intersection by Mayhem Comics, went to help him up but he was already getting up. He seemed alright but his bike wouldn’t start right away…

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