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I don’t like to get super backed up on blogging, since I tend to make my posts a bit long, but it happened. Don don don. So now please enjoy a nice recap of the past week, brought to you by yours truly!


Okay, to be honest, I have no clue what happened on Wednesday. I asked Chris, and he doesn’t remember, there was nothing set on the calendar, and OneDrive didn’t have any major edits. I remember I started a draft that day entitled “I don’t know what to post”…



Dr. Gilbert did his luncheon lecture on Thursday and that was pretty cool! He talked about his research on intelligent tutoring systems and the AR counterpart to what the WATCH team is doing. When I thought of intelligent tutoring systems, I thought about helping people with their homework, not some of the many other applications that include taking people through a software program or a video game for the first time. It was interesting to hear how wide-spanning the applications were.


We got our poster draft submitted (which is now updated). This is what it looked like at the time:

It’s now two columns and we made some of the graphics bigger and made a few other changes, but other than that it’s similar to our current poster draft.

I also watched the Bachelorette with Brittney and Sofia, and it was good! I’m now up to speed (besides the one last night, which hasn’t come out online yet).



Saturday was super fun! I didn’t get to take any pictures, as I didn’t take my phone in my kayak, so I might steal other people’s.

Here’s a “funny” group picture of all of us

It was a really good time. We played a fun game called “contact” that was pretty easy to play in the kayaks. We also got to swim a little bit. Britney and I got into a bi of a predicament, but besides that all was good! Probably my favorite group activity to date.



Me, Jameel, Emma, Sofia, Brittney, Austin, and Sushi went to Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. It was a super nice mall, and the stores had really good discounts on summer clothes. Definitely way better than the Ames mall, and we got a bunch of nice stuff for really good prices.

After shopping I was pretty wiped, so I watched TV for a bit until 9ish when Brittney, Chris, Austin, Alfredo and I watched Star Wars: A New Hope. Actually, we didn’t start until around 9:45 due to some technical difficulties. It was good though, and we watched until around midnight.



We had a lot of free time and spent a bunch of it working on our poster and our scenario. We printed the paper components out and got to run through it briefly. A wonderful quote was also born.


We had our lab meeting this morning and got to run through our scenario with Quinn, our guinea pig. We might ask someone if they don’t mind letting us run through with them for some more practice.

The speaker today, Dr. Chase Muesel, talked about grad school and transitioning from grad school to industry (if that’s something we want to do, which I’m thinking about doing). he also said we could contact him about anything, which I think I will. I want to know about the tech jobs in New York he was talking about.

Right now we’re preparing for our test tomorrow. It’s all coming together, which is really nice. I’m hoping today will be a chill day once I get back from work.

That’s about it! This was super long but I thought I kept it pretty short, all things considered. Now time to get back to my super-sugary turtle latte (and scenario design!).

Until next time,


“You say tomato, I say tomahto, IRB says “you’re fired”, I say “oh man”.”

– Sofia Loya


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  1. OMG I love that picture! LOL
    Also, thanks for the quote ha!
    I really liked your summary. I think it really captures how fast everything is going right now.

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