Lunch Lectures & Making More Goals | Day 14(britt)

Day 14

Today was another independent work day. I started the morning by updating some blog post because lately, I have been behind on that.

Then, I worked on learning Maya for about an hour before our lunch lecture.

Our lunch lecture was from a mechanical engineer who was really smart, to say the least. I know my major is in a stem field, but I am still kind of new to all the tech jargon and his presentation was definitely jargon-heavy which made some parts hard for me to understand. Regardless, his work was really impressive. His team (I think they’re called IDEA) creates virtual hearts that match the ones of patients with heart problems. They use these virtual hearts to see how a patient’s heart would react to different types of therapy before actually doing it on the patient. They are the first in the field to do this type of work and I found that really remarkable.

During the lecture, I was taking notes on all the things I didn’t know; After lunch, I looked up the words and phrases I wanted to learn. Then, I took definitions for words and other facts about what the engineer was talking about and put them into a Quizlet (online flashcard) for review. So hopefully I’ll know some more jargon by the end of this week!

After the lunch lecture, we had a meeting with Stacy about the direction of our project and we talked about our lit review. From the meeting I got some next steps:

  1. Read 10 research articles/have notes and questions by next meeting
  2. Practice my SolidWorks & C++ (the main programs my group will be using)
  3. narrow down our product of choice(AR/VR)

    the planner is packed for the rest of the week

With those tasks, and my own personal goals, I know this week will be pretty busy!

After work, we did light painting in the auditorium and it turns out light painting is a lot harder than it looks. Then again, the reason it was hard could have been because we had 12 people trying to each draw an individual picture in a comparatively close space. We still got some pretty good pictures and it was a fun bonding experience with the team for sure!!



Here are some of my favs:


P.S. My writing was the “Hi Mom” and the “xx britt” 😛


I left my bike back at the apartment today, so I walked back to the apartments after light painting. Later that night, I made dinner and learned about GPUs, CPUs and core processors till I eventually got tired and fell asleep.


xx britt


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