Math Memes and Meetings

Hey y’all! Kate here, to write about last night and what’s happened thus far today!

Yesterday we had our video chat with the USC REU, where we did our presentations. All the presentations were really good, and we learned a lot about their projects. We also got good presenting experience, which was really nice. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I expected.

After work a bunch of us went to Mr. Burrito, and let me say the burritos were really good! Seriously, I need to make a trip there in the future. And they’re really inexpensive as well, only $6.99 and guac isn’t extra!

Spider-Man was also wonderful. The gang went at 7:30, and so of course the movie didn’t start until 8. It was really good though, and had an interesting plot twist that made everyone gasp.

This morning I felt pretty under the weather, not gonna lie. Feeling a bit better now, though, and hoping that trend continues!

TIMELI met this morning to prototype, talk a bit about poster layout, and make a game plan. Then Chris and I designed a scenario for testing while Sofia worked on an introduction (we already have one, but we’re writing multiple to decide which format we like best). After this post, I’m going to take a stab at the background. I’ll then likely make a couple poster mock-ups to see which one the group likes best (the poster draft milestone is this week, and although we don’t have to complete it I’d like to at least get a start).

For our luncheon lecture today, Dr. Jared Danielson talked to us about his research on education, specifically for those in vet school. It was interesting, and what interested me the most was that it didn’t make a difference whether the lectures were viewed in-class or remotely. In fact, in some cases, the remote lectures improved learning. Good news for online students or those who can’t make it to class.

The memes part comes in after the meeting, where Alfredo, Manny and I somehow got on the subject of just that. Alfredo also introduced me to this pretty cool mathematician called Paul Erdos. He had many interesting aspects of his personality, such as calling children “epsilons”. In addition, I now follow a page called Mathematical Memes for Logarithmically Scaled Teens. I might take a leaf out of Austin’s book and start putting math memes in my posts.

Anyway, that’s about all that’s happened since that last time I blogged. Until next time,



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  1. First of all, y’all is the correct word. Thank you for educating yourself.
    Second, here’s another funny story about another mathematician, John von Neumann. It’s taken straight from his Wikipedia page:

    “Von Neumann liked to eat and drink; his wife, Klara, said that he could count everything except calories. He enjoyed Yiddish and “off-color” humor (especially limericks).[16] He was a non-smoker.[52] At Princeton he received complaints for regularly playing extremely loud German march music on his gramophone, which distracted those in neighbouring offices, including Albert Einstein, from their work.[53] Von Neumann did some of his best work in noisy, chaotic environments, and once admonished his wife for preparing a quiet study for him to work in. He never used it, preferring the couple’s living room with its television playing loudly.[54] Despite being a notoriously bad driver, he nonetheless enjoyed driving—frequently while reading a book—occasioning numerous arrests, as well as accidents. When Cuthbert Hurd hired him as a consultant to IBM, Hurd often quietly paid the fines for his traffic tickets.”

    • I have heard of Von Neumann, haven’t heard those stories though! I’m gonna have to look more into that, famous mathematicians are definitely hilarious! Also, I really want to look into his limericks now.

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