More Deer & Presenting our MCA Projects| Week 7(britt)

More Deer and Presenting our

MCA Projects

Week 7 started off with the presentation of our MCA projects. I spent time until two talking with Alex to learn more about the 3d printing process while printing my second version of the deer, cleaning the support off and editing the powerpoint presentation we made for the projects. As mentioned in at least three other posts, my deeper dive topic was 3d printing. I printed a deer with flowers, and we got to present our projects, explain our approach, and test out other people’s projects. Then we judged the projects, and I believe the ‘Unity Shaders’ group won?


Regardless, we saw some really cool stuff. One group used Unity to make a game where you go around obstacles with a ball. The other group made a zombie game where you had to shoot the zombies with your controller. The other deeper dive group made C6 programs where you could look inside tractors on a farm or walk through the simulator to a snowy world, then a desert, then grassy plains. All the projects were really impressive. I must say, I have some very talented people in my cohort.


Besides the presentation, my group (we call ourselves BAEs now because it’s a good acronym for Brittney, Austin, Emma) worked our powerpoint for an oral presentation with an REU program via webcam on Wednesday.  Then called it a day.




I spent the time until lunch on Tuesday working on the presentation for the other REU program. Something I don’t necessarily enjoy doing is creating power points that have a professional appearance. I feel like professional and ugly/boring don’t have to coincide but as I learn more and more about a professional powerpoint, It seems like they do. I guess it shouldn’t really matter because the point is to get the information across and not to impress the crowd with your artwork. Sadly, I am one of those people who enjoys making flashy and creative power points and there is just no room for that in the professional world. This is something I am assuming I’ll just have to get used to until I learn more about the subject or become my own boss. But hey! That’s motivation.


After my powerpoint work, It was time for lunch. Eliot was our lecturer at lunch today and I really enjoyed his talk for a few reasons. One, he is a professor, so he knows how to lecture. I wasn’t bored because he wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t relevant to me; He kept things interesting. Two, he stopped and allowed us to ask questions. It was an informal lecture where we were allowed to interject when we felt it was needed and I appreciated that aspect of the talk. I learned a lot about graduate school, which I was already planning on attending, and I learned about starting a business which is also something I plan to do. I’ve had the idea of a startup in my head since I learned about computer science, and Eliot owns three businesses, so I loved that I had the opportunity to hear about the process of working in and owning a startup.


On Wednesday, we had our presentation to the other REU program located in Southern California. We practiced and edited our powerpoints until it was time to present. That’s about a 5-hour span so, of course, that is not all we did. Our group has been working on a storyboard for our project as well. As we get closer and closer to the end of our program, pressure has been rising. Everyone has their own ideas on how things should be and I saw some of that in our storyboard session. However, my group tries to be understanding of one and other which I really appreciate. We try to give each other time to speak and opportunities to express our opinions and ideas. I think now more than the rest of the summer, I have been learning how to work in a team. Learning how to work with different types of people is a very beneficial skill to acquire and I am glad that my group members are all upfront with their ideas so that we can all figure out solutions together.

We had our presentation at two and I think it went well. I enjoyed hearing what the other REU students were working on because they were focusing on virtual/augmented reality like our REU program. The students at their REU were very respectful and asked questions about all of our projects. Overall, presentations were a success.


xx britt

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