Nineteenth Post

Right now I’m upset with myself because we spent so long trying to figure out to get the hands to work correctly and I realized there is a sample in the OVR Unity package that works perfectly. But at least I found it now. The hand controllers worked but I think I can get them to work better now and probably need them to for the VR/AR manufacturing project. I’ve also worked a lot on the MCA(major course assignment). The teleporting between scenes works and I have an idea for a stone henge esque menu screen. I’m trying to make something that would look cool in the C6 but I also need to start leaning towards what my actual project will be on, which is putting parts together in Unity. I do really enjoy making environments with Unity, maybe I can work on making a factory setting for the manufacturing setting.

I climbed some last night, the new routes at state are fun to work on and fairly difficult. After climbing, physics, bed. I’ve gotten pretty far on the labs which is nice.

Some pics of what I’ve been working on:

Windows xp

^Yes the xmas tree spins



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