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After the blog time yesterday Brittney, Emma, and I met with Stacy about our project. We mainly discussed the lit review and got some more direction and focus with what we are looking for. We also informed her that we figured out what WATCH stood for, thanks to some sneaky detective work. Katelyn then gave us an intro to HCI lecture which was really interesting. Before leaving how we painted some light. Cool. Last night I worked on some physics, and I’m half way! through half of the quizzes :(. I got some climbing in, I have 2-3 routes I’m really starting to work on and one has a hard move I’ve only stuck 3 times so I need to work on it. After getting back from Lied I fixed my bike (which ended up being a lot quicker than I had thought.

Some people had mentioned my well so here’s a closeup. Please ignore the cow/robo dog.

This morning we worked on some more Maya and I got to mess around with some more of the detailing which was enjoyable. I messed around with the render settings a lot and also a little with the animation. I got my door to open! Couldn’t figure out how to save it to post it here though.

Don’t know why all these pictures are so blurry, sorry.


Daily Meme #5(Flour or pancake mix?)



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