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It’s August 5th guys. I am pulling an ‘all-nighter’ because my shuttle leaves at 5:45am.Currently, the time is 1:32am (lol). I don’t want to sound generic but I feel the end of summer has come too quickly. It wasn’t too long ago that I was boarding a plane from PA to IA…or so it seems.

Let’s start with a quick run through as to what went down this week:
wee hours of today…but mostly yesterday (question mark)
update* I never got the vacuum cleaner. *shrugs*
1am: Scratch that. I think I just had our final…final…final goodbyes. It is so sad that I won’t be seeing these amazing and beautiful people for a very long time. We need to have an #RE-Union soon.
10pm: Our last goodbyes were had in R3215/6 – only because everyone really wanted to clean up their rooms with Austin’s vacuum.
6pm: Another goodbye with the gang at the park where we had our first REU lunch. Jameel and I had our final fight, the gang played some interesting football soccer, and we all just had a phenomenal time.


 @Sofia please text me this picture if you see this.
3pm: One last ride to Reliable St. to return the bikes. ):
12pm: I almost cried at “The Spice”. We were given certificates, letters, and some cool project toys. Everybody was so nice. I am really going to miss the VRAC crew.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience the research world. I remember coming in with no knowledge with my project, and leaving with a paper and poster full of it…and then some.
11am: WE ARE DONE WITH WORK….FOREVER! (jk, I have school in 2 weeks).

symposium thursday
1pm: never have I ever…had to repeat myself so many times before today. The ability to explain to others what you have worked on the whole summer is a really difficult task. I never would have imagined explaining something would be so hard…but I learned so quickly. My team learned how to divide our explanations…and by 3pm, we were pros! #dryThroat #iNeedWater

7:45pm: Ice skating! a huge fun flop!
6pm: Fancy Italian restaurant time. (gang really loves Italian food => mainly me…and the rest love the memes)
blog-time: The longest last full work day here in Ames. I can’t say much…I’m still writing the paper. It’s going a lot easier now…but it’s still tricky.

signing out for the last time,

#ThatWasEasy (Thanks Jameel)

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