Post Two

Apart from coming up with ground-breakingly  creative blog titles, I spent time today taking a personality test. The result of the test was that I have no strong disposition to between extroversion or introversion, I have a slight preference for perception over judging (feeling things out over planning), and I moderately prefer sensing and feeling over intuition and thinking. By far what was most interesting were the careers recommended for me: graphics design and multimedia, interior design, and artist/animator. I usually have to ask girls what matches, so I’ll take those with a grain of salt. The next most interesting thing was how my teammates scored on the personality test. Devi had an “J” instead of an “P”, which means that she likes to plan things out (she’s enthusiastically confirmed this). This focus on planning will be good. Alfredo also had a “P”, but I suspect his “P” more prominent than mine. I think he will randomly thing of good ideas. He will be the Charlie Day of our group, the wild card:

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