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Another day, another presentation.

Up until yesterday, the “VRiM” group (VR in Manufacturing) has been trying to put their presentation slides together. What is the need for presentation slides you ask? Well, it was for our mid-project presentation conference with USC; by ‘mid’, I mean 7 weeks in.

2:15pm: After the handful of giggles from our side, and USC’s, here was the order of events:
Team: Nav
Team: USC 1
Team: VRiM
Team: USC 2
Team: USC 3 – PAL3
Team: CooL:SLiCE
*bolded ones are ISU’s projects* *underlined project is my group*

VRiM did really well presenting, as did everyone else. I just know that I have to work on organizing my thoughts properly. Our team also had to organize who says what – just so we reduce the amount of times we have ‘awkward silences’ and sound ‘unsure’ of what we are working so hard on.

USC also had some pretty neat projects as well. Some of USC’s projects were similar to ours as well. It surprises me with how many students are interested in going to grad school and earn Masters/PhD’s, but it encourages me as well.

4:33pm: After our conference with USC, Vijay, Amy, and all the grad students who helped us with our Deeper Dive projects were surrounding the room in which we worked. Vijay then announced that the VRAC staff had prizes for the winners (C6 shaders). Devi, Chris, Sush and I received photo-frames which had pictures of Lancelot (or Elaine?), the MU pond, and the Bell Tower. It was beautiful. Then there was the consolation prize: paper clip-clappers. I am not exactly sure how to describe the moment that happened right after the packages were opened up… Let’s just say everyone clapped away happily with the few minutes of work they had left.

5:15pm: Like I mentioned in the previous post, “what is a presentation day without the gang celebrating?”. We all head downtown, except this time, we head to Mr. Burrito – they have phenomenal and SPICY food (and if you know me, it’s the spiciness I always look for) – walking in the rain.

7:15pm: Thank God the rain had died down. Gang heads out to the cinema to watch Spiderman: Homecoming! I’ve heard the ratings are really good, so I am excited to go watch this movie. One thing I did not like was they way they introduce “Marvel Studios”. I am used to seeing the comic strip coming to life, however this time, they just showed the Fantastic 4, and other superheros you’re supposed mandated to know. There was also this song introduction or something like that. It was just something I was not expecting and I probably have to get used to the new ‘intro’ because I’m going to be seeing it again when we go watch Black Panther…

HOWEVER, the movie was phenomenal. Being a Marvel fan, you know I stayed in the theater until the ending credits so I could watch the “future trailers”. For those of you who are yet to watch it, just stay till the end. You will laugh with anger. That is all I will say. (:



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