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I realized that I need to catch you up on what happened on Monday. I was looking through my phone and saw pictures of what I had done which triggered my memory.

to the throwbacks: monday
11am: Deeper Dives projects have been going well. I finally got my project in Unity to work…well, I found my textures that were missing. But in doing so, I think I gave my laptop a hard time – it’s heating up and the battery is being drained really quickly.

We have our Deeper Dives MCA presentations today, and we’ve been in the C6 room since 9am trying to get all 4 projects (Devi, Chris, Sush and me) to run. There are issues, but I’m telling everyone to think positively.

2pm: Vijay appears! What a surprise – he was supposed to be out of the office for 2 weeks. He came in and helped us fix all our C6 related problems. #bestfriend. Our group finally has everything working…

It’s always interesting to have people squatting just so they can see properly.

half an hour after presentations were supposed to start.

3:45pm: The 3D Printing  group presents, then Unity Immersive… we’re up next (and I am still thinking about what I’m going to say) but our group steps up and we tell them about what we did, some of the problems were and what inspired us to do what we did. It was rather fun! …We also get a hint from Vijay to talk about sprite images, so we speak briefly about that as well!

Vijay announcing the real winners after pulling the Steve Harvey


Everyone came up with some neat projects. I just wish I had tried Jameel’s VRPrattle and Alfredo and Emanuel’s zombie game.

4:15pm: The sytem restarted. Our C6 project isn’t running.


4:52pm: Voting time.

4:57pm: C6 Shaders actually win! after Vijay pulls a Steve Harvey (and a Moonlight)

5:15pm: What is a presentation day without the gang celebrating? So of course, we all head downtown to get some over-glorified bubble tea.

C6 shaders trying to be fancy in our cornfield combine.






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