Presentations and Ruminations

It’s been a busy week. We presented our Major Course Assignments (MCA) on Monday, presented to Jon and Kelly on Tuesday, and we’re presenting to an REU in California today. The MCA presentations went well. I enjoyed the walk-through presented by the 3D printing group, the look of the farm the shaders group, and navigating Austin’s environment. The presentation we gave on Tuesday was to get practice and feedback for today’s presentation. Jon and Lucia had some feedback, but the overall consensus was that we did a decent job.

Yesterday, the luncheon lecture guest was Elliot. He talked a lot about his experience with start up companies. Two things stuck out to me; one was that the people you want starting a company with you are the people you can fight with and depend on to come back the next day; the other was that going to grad school gets harder as you get older because you accumulate more commitments. I’ve made it a point recently to be around people that I can fight with. I don’t mean that I want to constantly fight people. What I mean is that I want to be able to fight with people productive way. Concerning commitments, I have some that I’m not sure how to handle.

Outside from work, things are going well too. I lost five pound, and I started running more regularly. Today I got an email asking me to choose a move in time for my dorm in the upcoming semester, and I was genuinely excited. In addition to that, I got a reply back from one of my professors concerning my senior honors project. Senior year is coming fast.

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