Prototyping Galore!

Today I probably won’t go into a lot of detail but I’m going to talk a bit about Sofia’s and my meeting with Dr. Gilbert, Jamiahus, and Quinn. During the meeting, we got a chance to present our sketches. We set up this meeting specifically because the three of us all had really good ideas in each of our sketches and there were a bunch of different directions we could take when combining them. Since Chris is in Alabama for the weekend, Sofia and I presented his as well, especially highlighting his map layering idea.

They really liked our designs and agreed that there were multiple directions in which we could take our design – mainly related to how much we want to integrate their initial programs with our UI design or, on the flipside, develop our own. The goal would be to eventually get the TIMs adjusted to new, more efficient programs, but we are currently decided how significant of an initial change we want to make.

So this weekend, in addition to the fun things we’ll be doing in Des Moines, will also be a lot of lit review and prototyping. We were given until Tuesday to deliver a prototype, whether this is digital or on paper (it’s up to us at this point). I think I’m going to play around with Axure a bit and see if I can do a quick mock-up (not sure how good it’ll be but we’ll see!)

In regards to lit review, Anna gave us information on finding relevant articles for our project and making sure that they are relevant. This should make our lit review process a lot smoother and more successful, which of course will be really nice.

Not much happened yesterday evening outside of work. We went to a cookout in Freddy at 7, and Emma and I came out again later for the sole purpose of getting s’mores. I ended up taking a couple pictures of the lightning, then heading back in. Needless to say, it was an early night yesterday, which was nice!

I think with that I will wrap up for now! Will probably be back in the VRAC at some point to use Axure some more and develop some sort of mockup (which will of course be completely subject to change).

Also I’ll write more about our deeper dive in 3-D printing later, since we have another class on it at 2!

Wishing everyone a happy Friday,


Also for anyone interested, here’s a link to one of the sketches I made!

Monitor 1 (First Draft)_20170623134252


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