— questions —

11am: For our luncheon lecture today, it was Dr. Kelly who gave a talk. When I had first heard he studied “psychology”, it was hard for me to be interested, at first, because I thought I was more of a ‘sociological’ person. However, as he spoke about the research he did, I quickly became eager in wanting to know more about that particular study.

— questions —
1) How did you find a grad. program/school that fitted your technological interests and psychological interests as well?
2) Is there any reason (or research) as to why and how the SDK1 was better than the SDK2?
3) What do you plan to with the information you have obtained about distance perception, and navigation.
4) Could sociology be used in your study in any way?

5pm: We are supposed to go rock climbing. (lol) It’s really hard for me to actually say this but I am really excited. Gang here has already seen me scream when we went for the ropes course last week. There’s not much more that they can see from me when it comes to my fear of heights…I hope.


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