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Sub-tle-ties. Seriously, that has to be one of the strangest words in the English language. Suttleties. Sutteltees. Sutle… And I just got unreasonable annoyed at not being able to spell this on my first try. But moving on… 

It just struck me today how many similar but different terms I have run across over the summer. I’ve blogged about some, but the last couple days have more than quadrupled that number. For instance, there are about a million terms relating to technology and teaching methods, with subtle differences, no differences, or differences that vary depending on who’s talking.

e-learning — electronic media learning, typically on the internet

m-learning — mobile-learning

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Distance education or Remote learning — education of students not physically present at school

Digital learning — instruction that effectively uses technology

Adaptive learning — an educational method using computers as interactive teaching devices

Blended education — combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods

Flipped learning — lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed (lectures viewed at home, exercises, projects, discussions done in class)

Personal learning environment (PLE) — either a concept or technology for creating custom learning environments

Constructionism or Constructivism  As far as I can tell, these are exactly the same thing. A bit inconvenient when you’re trying to search databases for articles.

Augmented reality or Augmenting reality or Mixed reality — Again, these terms are basically interchangeable, making searching for information tedious. Augmented reality is definitely becoming the norm, though.

Side note: Three or four articles I found this weekend via Web of Science were written completely in Spanish. Fortunately, I can read them, but it got me thinking. What if the most relevant research in your area has been done in another language? 

Aside from teasing apart definitions for my research, I’ve started to think about what readjustments I’ll need to make when I move back home. For example, not being able to walk straight down the center of the major state rivers. We were all old hands at the portage of kayaks after a day trip on the Des Moines river this weekend.

(Below) Heading to the water!

I also found this photo that got buried but was supposed to end up in a blog somewhere. Behold, a printed video. This is three frames of my Photoshop tessellation animation, exported as PNG, extruded in Maya and combined in Rhino 3D. This still makes me very happy.






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