Blurring the line between man and car

A lot has happened since the last post. First was my first proper attempt at bouldering. We all met up at the state gym to either climb or boulder. Anna confirmed that bouldering is more hardcore, so I decided to boulder. At first it wasn’t too bad, but then Natalie informed me that I was cheating because I was using the holds for paths I didn’t start. It made me reevaluate my notion of how good at bouldering I am, but it also reinforced my observation that sports are a lot easier when you’re cheating. Such is life. Here’s a picture that Natalie took; the people in the group make me want a camera:

Second, we went to the farmer’s market on main street. I had to take cash out to buy a barbecue bowl (second breakfasts are absolutely essential) and experienced quite the dilemma. The only ATM was at Wells Fargo (Chase, you need to get it together and open a branch in Ames). I overheard a lady also looking to take out cash, so I asked her where the ATM was. She informed me that she walks up to the drive through ATM–the only ATM. We walked up posing as cars and without the slightest suspicion. I liked her. She had chutzpah. I bought fancy soap, Sushi bought very nice guitar, and Natalie played some very nice piano music.

Third, we mad a trip to Walmart. I know that that last sentence sounds mundane, but if you were there, and you saw the things that I saw, you would say the trip was nothing short of a grand spectacle. Shopping went well enough. I bought food, toiletries, and for the first time ever, shoelaces. The trip back was when hilarity ensued.  We embarked on a trek back to Freddy despite the fact that we bought far too much to carry. Little did we know that the plastic bags holding our groceries were on the brink of tearing. The first casualty was my greek yogurt (a great source of protein); it fell out in the middle of an intersection. As I stood there physically paralyzed by the sheer destruction taking place before my eyes, my fellow REU partakers picked up the yogurt. The second casualty  was my olive oil. Sofia took it upon herself to dive into the intersection for it, which I greatly appreciate. Kate took it upon herself to stop Sofia from dying, which I also appreciate.

Having successfully made it back from Walmart, we grilled some burgers, listened to some music, and tossed around a frisbee. I am surrounded by great people and a beautiful town. Life is good.





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