Scripting in Unity and Choosing My Fate | Day 21(britt)


Day 21

We started off today with another Unity lesson. We learned about scripting, lighting and button presses. I still like Unity which is good because I get the feeling we will be using it a lot in our project. The scripting was giving me some trouble when we first learned it but I think I am starting to get a hang of C# in Unity and we had a great teacher (VJ) who broke down the scripting step by step. This really helped me grasp each concept a lot better. So if you are reading this VJ YOU ROCK!


We left the unity session slightly early because we wanted to go see a session about user interfaces. The session was about comparing our typical method of passcode interface(the iPhone 4 digit passcode model) and 2 other models for passcodes and seeing which interface was most natural and why. The presenter concluded that the iPhone model was most natural but that was likely because of participant’s familiarity with the interface. I was slightly confused about why this study used one passcode system that most people know about and two others that most people don’t know about. It seemed like the fact that most of the participants had already used the iPhone passcode hundreds of times would create a bias to explain why they preferred that system over the other two. If the presenter was trying to test which interface was most natural for users, I feel like she should have chosen three likely unbiased or unfamiliar interfaces instead of two unknown and one really known interface. I can’t be too sure if that was the outcome her research was studying (it seemed like it) but I am still learnng about research so I could be totally wrong. These are just my comments and thought process… and regardless, It was a very imformative presentation and I learned about user data a little more!


After the presentation and lunch, we came back and finished our Unity session. We learned about creating buttons and putting words and text into our Unity projects. After our session, we were asked to choose our deeper dives topic. Deeper dives is essentially a topic that you learn about in 6 sessions. There were three deeper dives: 3D printing, Unity shaders(rendering, materials, textures) and Unity Immersive(creating immersive environments). I got my number one choice, 3D printing, and I am really excited to create something at the end of the 6 sessions and learn more about how to use SolidWorks. I initially was going to choose the Unity Immersive session, however since we will be using Unity in our project, I know I’ll be spending a lot of time learning it in my off time (weekends and after work). So, I thought it would be better to learn SolidWorks because my school just got a 3D printer and I’d be able to make stuff there or, if I get good enough, I could teach a basic workshop on 3D printing at my school. I’d say that idea is a stretch since I don’t even know how good I will be at 3D printing, but I am optimistic.

The lake looked so pretty today (as if it doesn’t always)

After choosing our deeper dive topics, I finished an article I started the other day and then left the VRAC lab. I decided it was a good day to ride around a bit and explore Iowa State; So, I did that for a bit. I didn’t go to the gym today but I did do some at home workouts. After working out a bit, I worked on my conference application more, then cleaned a bit. The guys(Emmanuel, Chris, and Jameel) had made non-alcoholic sangrias and invited everyone to try it. So, Devi and I went up to their room for a bit and chatted. The other day the group found the Youtube channel I costarred in for Girls Who Code, and ever since the discovery, I’ve been hearing ukelele jokes left & right. Regardless, everyone seemed impressed with the series which made me feel good about myself. So, thanks team (‘:



Eventually, I left their room to read a little bit of an article I need to finish for the next day. Then I was off to bed.


xx britt

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