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So today is technically the third day here. We just got the technical tour of the VRAC which a lot of fun and very informative. Getting to watch people try VR for the first time is always hilarious and there has been a lot of that recently. Yesterday we learned about the specifics of our project for the first time. Since then it has been a lot of researching and reading journals and building base information about what we will be doing. We started off with a hololens demo that was similar to what we will be doing. It was really cool to see it in action but sadly that means we have to pick a different system to do our project on. That is exciting though because we can pick which system and programs work best for us as a group and we aren’t confined to a specific one. I think we will end up using Unity a lot which I am excited for because it’s one of my favorite tools to work with and I can’t wait to improve my skills. Last night I got the slackline out for bit which was fun but harder than I remembered. Other than that I’ve been trying to spend my free time working on my online physics class. I can’t wait to see what’s next.



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