Seventeenth Post

Yesterday we presented our defense for why we were picking virtual reality over augmented reality to Eliot and everyone else in the WATCH group. I had just finished writing my part of the defense when I left to go the ALC meeting. While I was in the meeting Emma and Brittney were smoothing things out and moved my parts to the beginning. I went straight from the ALC meeting to the WATCH meeting and when we began our defense I realized my part was first. I hadn’t really thought out verbally presenting it because I had been so focused on writing it. I stuttered different versions of the same sentence like three times, which wasn’t a great way to start it off. Luckily they liked the writing so I now know that I have a base to work from in any upcoming writing.

I’ve been really enjoying the immersive Unity deeper dive. Right now I’m doing a mixture of working more with the touch controllers and making an app for the C6. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing as a project yet but I’ve got some ideas.

Last night we watched Moana as a group in our apartment. It was pretty good but I’m glad the subtitles were on (in English) because I don’t know if I actually heard a word with so many people in our living room. After that I did some physics and played some Black Desert Online with Masashi. Oh, and I watch the gators WIN THE BASEBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! I’m not really a baseball fan but my cousin is a manager on the team so I saw him on a lot on the screen.

My cousin is the one in blue ^.

Daily Meme #52


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