Shocking revelations and an IRB

We did it! We learned how to write and IRB and submitted on all in under a week! Thanks to a couple late nights, a great team, and responsive faculty mentor we were able to get through it. I never knew how extensive getting approval for any sort of simple testing could be. Thankfully we did it and now comes the grueling process of waiting for a response. Hopefully all goes well with the review so that we can go right into testing when we get the approval.

On another note there was an intense lightning storm last night! I had never seen anything like it. Instead of being in the middle of it, it was like movie in the sky over the horizon. We could be outside and just sit in the field and watch the streaks of light dance through the sky illuminating the backdrop of the clouds. I had never seen lightning so consistent in all of my life and in a way where I didn’t have to worry about it striking anywhere near me. We tried our hardest to get the best shots, unfortunately I was competing with two high end cameras. However, I think I did pretty decent if I say so myself while using my phone. I mean you can see a tiny bit of lightning below…kind of…

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