Sixteenth Post

The past couple of days have been super busy. After finding out Saint Motel was in town I knew I needed to do all of my hw thursday night. After getting back to my room I found out that in the process of updating, my computer had gotten into the automatic repair loop so after trying every possible option I eventually had to do a factory reset. Finished most of my physics much later that night and the last few problems the next day. Then a bunch of us ate sonic and went to see Saint Motel, which was awesome. We hung out for a bit after then headed back to Ames. The next morning we all went straight back to the Art Festival downtown and ate at Krunkwich Ramen House. The food was great and I got the Kim Jong Philly. My parents were coming to the Art Festival so I just stayed and met up with them and went home afterwards.There I took advantage of the Steam summer sale. The next day I came back and tried to continue reinstalling stuff onto my computer. While downloads were going on I went and worked with Emma and Brittney. By the time I got back… Automatic repair loop. Spent the next couple of hours dealing with that again while reading through some articles simultaneously.

Today we worked more on the deeper dives and I finally got the hand controllers to work. That’s pretty much what I’m working on right now.

I’ll let you find the daily meme on this wonderful place called the internet.


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