Slightly Better Tuesday

Hello all! Today’s blog post will be about my slightly better day than the one before. For one thing, I submitted a police report on my bike, so it’s out of my hands now. If it’s not found, Anna said that I might be able to borrow her old bike once she gets a new one, which would be awesome! I have to say though, I’m never using another cable lock again. Although why people want our old bikes is beyond me.

For another thing, we had our meeting today and it gave us a lot of direction. We’re now going to attempt a functional prototype for testing on Axure, and if that doesn’t work out we’re going to use paper. Either way, the Axure prototype will be useful for the developers, which will be good!

Also, I watched two more episodes of the Bachelorette last night! Not really relevant at all, but they were really funny and dramatic. It’s a nice escape from reality, especially as these last couple of weeks come up and deadlines start to loom ever closer. Also I really like Rachel, and the contestants(?) are really entertaining.

So on to our project: we got a lot of really good feedback today and I think we’re really close to our final prototype. Chris and I are going to work in Axure on it and Sofia’s going to work more on the paper prototype. At the same time, we’ll all be coming up with different metrics to test, making an HTA for the new system to compare to the old HTA, and possibly taking time data from the videos to get a sense of the time cut with the new system. This way, we’ll be able to get some quantitative data even before testing our subjects. Oh, and we’ll be working on a poster draft as well, and the rest of our paper components.

In other news: our presenter for the luncheon lecture today was a really cool professor, Dr. Rick Stone. He was pretty awesome, and has done a ton of different things so far in his lifetime. He’s currently a Deputy Sheriff, a professor, and a member of the city dive team (unfortunately, not the type of dive team you might be picturing). We talked about Game of Thrones (sorry Emma!), people he’s seen while on duty as a cop, and lots of other fun topics in addition to discussing his research. It was fun, and a really dynamic conversation.

That’s about it for today! Hope you all have a good rest of the week!


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