Story-boarding and Justifications | Week 8 (britt)


Week 8 


This week, my group has been working on some pretty important stuff. We’ve been creating a storyboard for all the functions and general flow of our project, justifying all the things we plan on doing within our project(using research articles) and a little writing. It doesn’t sound like much but so far it’s been taking some time to get done. We need to justify things like where instruction text will be located, if we’re pointing a laser to select things or grabbing, and what colors will symbolize in our training and why. Answering those questions can be a little tricky already, but finding research to supplement those conclusions is definitely more difficult. Regardless, I feel like our group is on the right path, I am just hoping we have time to complete all the things we need to get done.

I also caught a little case of home sickness over the weekend. There is a little dispute with my neighbor’s dogs and my dog that my family has to deal with at court and I’ve been wishing I could be there for all that. So, that put a little damper on my mood at the beginning of the week, but it’s Wednesday now and I am feeling a lot better. I am really excited for Kayaking this weekend since I have never been and I know these next two weeks will fly by. So, I am trying to stay focused on my goals and my research so that I finish off this program strong!


xx britt


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