Stressful Tuesday

Hello all! Kate here, for a slightly negative blog post.

I would wait until 1, but there’s not a huge chunk of time right now before the luncheon lecture and I feel like this is the most productive thing I can do with my time until then. Great reason to blog, right?

Anyway, the stress is definitely getting to me, and probably all of us. We had our MCA presentations yesterday, and those went pretty well. However, tomorrow we have our mid-term oral presentations, and though our group has a Powerpoint ready, we have yet to practice presenting it. In addition, we have to do our poster draft for this week’s milestone, which I’m not as concerned about but we definitely need to start thinking about a little bit. We also haven’t met to talk specifically about our UI in a while, which is stressing me out a little bit. Also, we’re still waiting to hear back about our IRB mod, and we need to fully flesh out how we’re going to test our subjects. In addition to that, we still have a lot of editin to do on our paper components.

So a little stressful. I think that now the Major Course Activity is done, the research is sort of hitting us in the face.

On the plus side, I got Caribou today. Not good for my wallet, especially because I’m probably getting takeout tonight, but I might do some work tonight to justify it. Last night I purposely avoided doing work in order to clear my head and reset a bit after the MCAs. But now we’re up and running again, almost midway through Week 7. In other words, tonight will probably be very work-heavy. Woohoo!

It will be all research-related work, which will be nice. Maybe I’ll do some C++ and Unity practice as well, just for the heck of it. Even though our group doesn’t need those for our project per say, I don’t want to lose those skills.

Anyways, that’s all for me. Might write a more uplifting post later, or go into more detail about yesterday.

On the plus side, the group got boba yesterday! That was pretty good!


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    • Appreciate that 🙂 it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. Hopefully we’ll feel a bit less overwhelmed once the presentations are over

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