Hey everyone! So as you might have read from Sofia’s and Chris’ blogs, yesterday our team went to the TMC to test our prototype. A big step for us, and even though we can’t use our data for publications (we’re hearing back from the IRB next week), we really wanted to do it right and get good data that can put us in the right direction.

Here are some of the struggles we faced:

  • We were racing against time to get all the materials together to test our prototype on Quinn beforehand. We worked on the testing script and procedure, the errors sheet, and the components of the prototype in order to prep for it. There were a lot of things we realized we had to edit as we went through.
  • After testing with Quinn and eating a quick lunch, we had about half an hour to make new printables. By the time we settled on locations for all three areas, we had ten minutes until we had to leave and still had a bunch of things to make and cut out. I had to quickly edit the DMS boards through Axure to reflect the current locations, then take a screenshot and print hem. Meanwhile, Sofia and Chris were frantically cutting things out. We went 10 minutes over, and had to cut papers in the car.
  • We forgot to bring in a folder of printables. Luckily, we had ones from previous prototypes and used those.
  • We took out a step along the way, as we ran out of time to reprint a layer to reflect the change in location.
  • We should have been a bit more thorough in terms of locations. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

It went really well, though! This list might suggest otherwise, but the good thing about a complex paper prototype is that it’s very flexible, and it was pretty easy to keep track of errors. The atmosphere was also very friendly, and the TMC staff were very receptive of us and our design. It also seemed like it was very intuitive.

I was super tired afterwards, but went to Wal-Mart with Emma, Jameel, and Sushi after work. Probably a bad decision on my part, as I ended up sitting down a good percentage of the time, but we got McDonald’s afterwards which was nice!

Now poster session here we come!

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