Tenth Post

Not too much has happened since the last post but here’s a couple of things. We started working in SolidWorks and I found out it’s nearly the exact same as Autodesk Inventor which I did a lot with in high school. And somehow I still remember how to do something from high school. I remember I made an entire flyswatter gun thing in Inventor that I had at my house; I didn’t measure any of the arcs and it somehow ended up nearly exact. I enjoy using SolidWorks and I’m looking forward to working on some difficult projects using it.

Last night I did some more physics, messed around in VR, watched some youtube, and did this weird catch thing with whipped cream. You put some on your arm, throw it into the air, and try to catch it with your mouth. I think I still have some in my beard.

btw I had a perfect catch this attempt.

Today we had an interesting lecture with Dr. Jon Kelly about perception in VR. Afterwords me and Chris talked about getting scarred for life as a kid and games we used to play. I just gave him a dollar because I want to see if one of my worlds is still up in an ipad app. Cross your fingers.

Daily Meme #6(comic I guess?)



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    • Yes, just search autodesk inventor student and its like the second link. You will need to make an autodesk account if you dont have one.

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