The C6

Yesterday afternoon for our shaders class we got to put a couple simple applications into the C6! I didn’t think this would be so simple, but with just a couple modifications to the code and scene, our Unity project was showing up on the giant walls of the C6 VR room. This has got to be one of the coolest things I have done all summer. Not that the virtual environments were anything complex. They were made up of nothing more than a few primitive shapes with textures and shaders, but it was really amazing that a project can be accessed through a VR Cave after being created only a few minutes before. Our assignment for the class is to build a Unity application that takes advantage of the shader techniques that we’ve learned thus far, so we will get to have more experience with programing for the VR Cave.

The C6’s 48 computers powering up.

Inside the C6. The Cave is calibrated for the wearer of the main 3d glasses, in this case Devi.

After this class, Kate, Sofia, and I spent some extra time in the office preparing a couple UI prototypes for our TIMELI team. We showed our team the prototypes this morning and they really seemed to like our progress. Things are really starting to ramp up, but I feel we’re going in the right direction and I think our product at the end of all this will be something to be proud of!

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