The Des Moines Farmers’ Market — An Alternate Universe?

When you arrive in Des Moines on Saturday morning for the 7-12am weekly farmers’ market, you might find yourself turning in circles in an empty street. Do not panic. One possibility is that you crossed over to an alternate universe where the market was never organized, but the more likely scenario is that you are on the wrong 4th street. Don’t ask me why there are two 4th streets in downtown Des Moines — you’ll have to take that one up with the governor. Or whoever names streets around here. Anyhow, check the one on the west side of the river before firing up your teleportation unit.

Once you find it, the Des Moines Farmers’ market does not disappoint. Tables are heavy with local vegetables, fungi, exotic street food, bakery items, jewelry and clothing; and on nearly every block there is a different band or solo musician. This jazz band had fun turning the street into a dance floor for uninhibited, bouncy little girls.

You will see the prettiest flowers in the city…

…have the opportunity to eat the most crunchy, juicy, bacon and cream cheese filled pickle (from Judy’s Husband’s Stuffed Pickles and Dips)…

And sample many many flavors of Butter Me Up! nut butters. They have almond butters, cashew butters and peanut butters. The Cappuccino peanut butter was a close runner up to my own purchase, honey roasted cinnamon.

If you’re with some friends, point out a riverside stage and see what happens…

 Or just find an excuse to walk over and get your feet wet on a hot day… (and see tiny fishes!)

And finally, on your way to and from the market you can get glimpses of the gold-domed capitol building, forever and eternally under construction…

Maybe another issue to take up with the governor…?


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