The Final Week

I I feel like I’ve been in Ames forever, but at the same time, I feel like I just got here. In reality, the program is only ten weeks long, so just got here is probably more accurate than forever. What makes my time here feel so long is the growth I’ve seen. Earlier this week, my group and I submitted our poster, which made me realized that our research project grew from a question to a full blown experiment with participants, data, and graphs. Something else that has grown is the relationships between the people in the REU. We’ve done a lot together. We live with each other. We work with each other. We hang out in each other’s apartments. We do fun things on the weekends. There’s definitely a sense of community. I’m glad I came. Here’s a picture I took on the kayaking trip a couple of weeks ago:

Here’s a picture someone else took:

That’s all for now.




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