The Future

Today, we had a roundtable discussion/lecture with Eliot. He’s one of the people in charge of this REU program, so we all know him rather well by this point. Thus, it was a rather laid-back and very enjoyable talk.

I enjoyed getting to hear about his past and what eventually led him to the VRAC and what job he has now. Also, I was surprised to hear that he got attracted to teaching in the same way I did: by seeing bad teachers and wanting to do the opposite.

I entered college without any desire to teach or be in a leadership role of any kind. As an extreme introvert with an extrovert twin brother, I always preferred to follow the lead of others. However, when I got to college I quickly learned to enjoy making decisions on issues greater than myself and I came to appreciate the intricacies of teaching and guiding others. I also began to noticed many current issues in modern school systems that I had not been exposed to earlier that could be fixed. Not that I’m particularly amazing at it, but after experiencing a few quite bad classes I really love the idea of becoming a teacher and learning from their mistakes (Not to sound negative at all! Most of my teachers have been amazing and I’ve learned from them extensively on how to teach effectively).

I won’t say with complete confidence that grad school or fulltime professorship is in my future, but I definitely like the idea and I like it more due to this REU.

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