Yesterday I finally got around to studying for the GRE. I’m not particularly worried about it since I’ve heard from many sources that it’s not taken very seriously by many grad programs, but I should probably aim for a good score nonetheless. Shout out to Kaplan resources! After yesterday’s online GRE seminar, I feel pretty good about it. It seems to test reasoning and logic more than math or English skills.

In other news, we presented our latest prototype to our TIMELI team and I feel it went pretty well. They had a lot of comments, but it felt very constructive. Our next step is to plan for how we’re going to gather data on how good the UI is compared to their current system. I don’t know how much qualitative data we will be able to get, but quantitative is starting to look quite promising.

And kudos to anyone who can figure out what this is (hint, I took the picture this weekend):


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  1. I also recommend Magoosh – that’s what I used for my GRE and it boosted my score 10-15 per section. Crazy in depth, soooo many resources, and a team of experts available to ask questions. Definitely worth checking out as well

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